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Dr. Joanna  Drell
Dr. Joanna Drell
Professor of History
Chair, Department of History

Joanna Drell teaches courses on medieval-Renaissance European history (900-1600 C.E.), Medieval Italy, Renaissance Italy, the Crusades, medieval frontier societies, the medieval family, and the ancient/medieval epic tradition.  She has a particular interest in issues of identity, memory, family, and the historical/literary dialogue between medieval southern and northern Italy.

Her current book project, Reimagining the Past, examines historical memory of Norman Italy outside the Regno.  Inspired by curious revisions of medieval southern Italian history in the works of Florentine poet, Dante Alighieri, she focuses on how northern Italians and continental Europeans, c. 1100 to c. 1400, understood the multicultural Kingdom as a political and social entity.  The pluralistic Regno – a kingdom where Christian, Muslim, Jew, and Greek, Latin, Lombard, Norman and Angevin commingled –  was fodder for the medieval poet and chronicler, political polemicist, and merchant diarist.  Drawing on materials both well-known (e.g.  Dante, Giovanni Villani, Chretien de Troyes), and more obscure (e.g. merchant records, unpublished archival documents), she asks why the Norman period was so compelling to outsiders.  What parts of the Regno’s experience were emphasized or altered? Was southern Italy [the ‘Mezzogiorno’] seen from without as a monolith or is Sicily at times distinct from the mainland in some ways?  In essence, how and why did outsiders shape the history and culture of the Regno?  Evaluating a variety of texts through the lens of medieval southern Italy permits a deeper understanding of both these literary monuments and the intercultural complexities that underpinned them.    

Grants and Fellowships

UR Faculty Summer Research/Travel Grants (2013, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008)

NEH Dante Summer Seminar:  Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Medieval World [June-July 2009]
American Philosophical Society Franklin Grant
The Rome Prize, The American Academy in Rome (NEH Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Post-Classical Humanistic/Modern Italian Studies

American Catholic Historical Association Marraro Book Award


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Ph.D., Brown University
M.A., Brown University
Contact Information
108 Ryland Hall
(804) 287-1828
(804) 287-1992 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Medieval Europe, Medieval/Renaissance Italy
Households, Family, and Gender in the Middle Ages
Medieval Southern Italy and Sicily
Medieval Frontiers
The Crusades