Upcoming Courses

Fall 2023

Categories below refer to the regional requirements for the history major.

Courses satisfying the General Education Field of Study Historical Studies requirement are noted with the FSHT attribute.

These categories and attributes are not negotiable.

United States

199 US History (Topic #1 and Instructor TBD) FHST
199 US History (Topic #1 and Instructor TBD) FHST
213 Lawrence vs. Texas (Holloway) FHST
216 American Culture 1945-2000 (Sackley) FHST
220 Reagan's America (Yellin) FHST


199 Medieval England (Routt) FHST
199 Women in Contemporary Eastern Europe (Kis) FHST
199 Oral History: Theory and Practice (Kis) FHST
222 Hellenistic Greece and Republican Rome (Stevenon)
232 British Business History (Bischof) FHST
243 Nazi Germany (Kahn) FHST
323 Gender and Sexuality in Europe (Kahn)
326 Communism (Brandenberger) 

Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa

199 How to End and Empire in Africa (Traugh) FHST
199 Maps, Indigenous Dispossessions, and Politcal Imaginations in Latin America (Ardila Falla) FHST
260 Colonial Latin America (Instructor TBD) FHST

Non-regional History Major Electives

399 Writing the History of a Warming Planet (Traugh)

Research seminars and Honors courses

400 Enviornmental History: Research Seminar for Majors (McCommons)
411 Honors Research Seminar (Sackley)