Upcoming Courses

Fall 2024

Categories below refer to the geographical distribution requirements for the history major. Students must take courses in four of the eight areas. These may be at the 100, 200, or 300 level. 

The geographical areas are as follows: North America (HINA), Latin America/Caribbean (HILA), Africa (HIAF), Europe (HIEU), Middle East (HIME), Asia (HIAS), Pre-1800 (HIPR), United States (HIUS) and Comparative/Transnational/Global (HICT). 

HIST 199 — Maps, Indigenous Dispossessions, and Political Imaginations in Latin America (Ardila Falla) HILAHIAL

HIST 199 — Tokyo Trials (Loo) HIASHIAL

HIST 199 — Presidents & Precendents: A History of the American Presidency (Mack) HINA, HIPR

HIST 199 — The Coming of the American Civil War (Mack) HINA, HIPR

HIST 199 — From Champlain to Napoleon: The Rise and Fall of French Empire (Watts) HIEU, HIPR

HIST 203 — Slavery and Freedom (Seeley) HINA, HIPR

HIST 206 — African American Women's History (McCommons) HINAHIUS

HIST 213 — Lawrence v. Texas (Holloway) HINA

HIST 225 — Medieval Italy: Popes, Poetry, and Plague (Drell) HIEU, HIPR

HIST 240 — Human Rights in the Atlantic World (Watts) HICTHIEU

HIST 250 — Modern East Asia, 1600-1960 (Loo) HIASHIAL

HIST 260 — Colonial Latin America (Ardila Falla) HIAL, HILA

HIST 270 — Early Islamic World (Yanikdag) HICT, HIME, HIPRHIAL

HIST 273 — The Great War in the Middle East (Yanikdag) HIAL, HICT, HIME

HIST 281 — Africa, ca. 1500-1900 (Summers) HIAFHIAL

HIST 291 — Histories of Public Health and Biomedicine in the Global South (Summers) HICT

HIST 299 — U.S. Empire (Seeley) HINAHIUS

HIST 306 — American Identities (Yellin) HINAHIUS

HIST 341 — History and Memory: World War II in East Asia (Loo) HIASHIAL

HIST 400 (Fall 2024) — The 1950s (Yellin) 

HIST 400 (Spring 2025) — Empires in Asia (Loo)