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History Courses: Fall 2022

There will be no HIST 400 Seminar in Spring 2023.

Categories below refer to the regional requirements for the history major. 

Courses satisfying the General Education Field of Study Historical Studies requirement are noted with the FSHT attribute. 

These categories and attributes are not negotiable. 

United States

199      Introduction to African American History (McCommons) FSHT
205      Tobacco (Sackley) FSHT
212      Modern US Social Movements (Holloway) FSHT
218      State & Society in Modern America (Yellin) FSHT


227      The High Middle Ages (Drell) FSHT
240      Human Rights and Revolution in the Atlantic World (Watts) FSHT
245      Stalin's Terror (Brandenberger) FSHT
249      Cold War Europe, 1945-1991 (Kahn) FSHT

Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa

199      Populism in Latin America (Morales) FSHT
250      Modern East Asia: 1600-1960 (Loo) FSHT
255      Meiji Japan: An Emperor & The World Named for Him (Loo)
273      The Great War in the Middle East (Yanikdag) FSHT
291      Histories of Public Health & Biomedicine in the Global South (Summers) FSHT
299-02 Sport, History, & Power (Morales)
399      Identity/Nation in Modern Turkey (Yanikdag)

Non-regional History Major Electives

299-01 Asians in America: History, Identity, & Activism (Loo)
392      Humanitarianism & Development (Sackley)

Research Seminars

400      Researching Genocide (Kahn)

Honors Courses

412      Honors Research Seminar (Sackley)