Past Freeman Professors

The Douglas Southall Freeman Professorship was established in honor of the noted biographer and journalist by his family and allows the department to bring a distinguished visiting historian to the campus annually. The Freeman Professor teaches one course and either delivers a series of public lectures or organizes an historical conference. Learn more about this year's Freeman Professor.

1991-1992 Robert V. Remini, University of Illinois at Chicago
1992-1993 Dewey W. Grantham, Vanderbilt University
1993-1994 Emory M. Thomas, University of Georgia
1994-1995 William E. Leuchtenburg, University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill
1995-1996 Jack P. Greene, The Johns Hopkins University
1996-1997 Harry T. Dickinson, University of Edinburgh in Scotland
1997-1998 Catherine Clinton, Harvard University (now University of Texas at San Antonio and Queen's University, Belfast)
1998-1999 Dr. Patrick Collinson, University of Cambridge
1999-2000 William J. Cooper, Jr., Louisiana State University
2000-2001 George C. Herring, University of Kentucky
2001-2002 Bertram Wyatt-Brown, University of Florida
2002-2003 Stuart Clark, University of Wales, Swansea
2003-2004 Daniel Sutherland, University of Arkansas
2004-2005 Shula Marks, School of Oriental and African Studies,
University of London
2005-2006 Paula Findlen, Stanford University
2006-2007 Dan T. Carter, University of South Carolina
2007-2008 Elaine T. May, University of Minnesota
2008-2009 Don H. Doyle, University of South Carolina
2009-2010 William Doyle, University of Bristol
2010-2011 Alan Taylor, University of California, Davis
2011-2012 Patrick Geary, UCLA (now at Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
2012-2013 Jane Hathaway, The Ohio State University
2013-2014 John French, Duke University
2014-2015 Colin Jones, Queen Mary University of London
2015-2016 David Courtwright, University of North Florida
2016-2017 Edward J. Larson, Pepperdine University
2017-2018 Richard J. Evans, University of Cambridge
2018-2019 James H. Merrell, Vassar College