History Courses: Spring 2023

Categories below refer to the regional requirements for the history major.

Courses satisfying the General Education Field of Study Historical Studies requirement are noted with the FSHT attribute.

These categories and attributes are not negotiable.

United States

199 Introduction to African American History (McCommons) FSHT
199 Global History of Early America (Mack) FSHT
199 Civil War and Reconstruction (Frakes) FSHT
212 Modern US Social Movements (Holloway) FSHT
213 Lawrence vs Texas (Holloway) FSHT
215 US and the World Since 1945 (Sackley) FSHT
220 Reagan’s America (Yellin) FSHT
306 American Identities (Yellin)


199 Putin's Russia (Brandenberger) FSHT
221 Classical Greece (Stevenson)
239 History of the French Revolution (Watts) FSHT
243 Nazi Germany (Kahn) FSHT

Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa

199 Revolution in Latin America (Morales) FSHT
253 Opium Wars (Loo) FSHT
261 Modern Latin Ameria (Morales) FSHT
271 The Modern Middle East (Yanikdag) FSHT
281 Africa, C. 1500 to C. 1900 (Summers) FSHT

Non-regional History Major Electives

399  (Summers)
398 Historiography (Loo)

Research seminars and Honors courses

398 Historiography (Loo)
411 Honors Thesis (Sackley)