Richmond Home

Spring Semester 2017

United States

199      Elements of Historical Thinking:

  • Liberty vs. Security: Free Speech from Jefferson to Lincoln
  • Lincoln
  • The Gilded Age
  • Nature in American History

215      U.S. and World since 1945
220     Reagan's America


111      Ideas and Institutions of Western Civilization II
199      Elements of Historical Thinking:

  • Russia in Revolution

221     Classical Greece
225     Medieval Italy
299-02  Nineteenth-Century Europe
299-03  Cold War Europe

Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa

199      Elements of Historical Thinking

  • The Great War in the Middle East

255     Meiji Japan
261     Modern Latin America
271     Modern Middle East
390     Food and Power in Africa and Asia

 Comparative and International

199       Elements of Historical Thinking

  •   Cities in the British World
  •   The U.S./Mexico Borderland

299-01 Science, Technology, and Medicine in the Atlantic World
391      Transnational Social Reform
398      Historiography

 Research seminars and Honors courses

400      Seminar: Nineteenth-Century U.S. (Instructor's Approval needed)
411      Honors Prospectus
413      Honors Research