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Courses: Fall 2016

United States

199     Elements of Historical Thinking:

  • Liberty vs Security: Free Speech from Jefferson to Lincoln
  • The Gilded Age
  • The Scottsboro Trials

202      The Early American Republic
204      The Civil War and Reconstruction


110      Ideas and Institutions of Western Civilization I
199      Elements of  Historical Thinking:

  • The Crusades
  • The Cold War

223      The Roman Empire
249      20th C. Europe
290      Britain and the World
399     Weimar Germany

Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa

199     Elements of  Historical Thinking

  • The Opium Wars
  • The Great War in the Middle East

250      Modern East Asia
272      The Ottoman Empire
341      History and Memory: World War II in Asia

 Comparative and International

199     Elements of Historical Thinking

  • Cities in the British World
  • The U.S./ Mexico Borderlands

299     Jewish History & Memory
395      The Historian’s Workshop

 Research seminars and honors courses

400      Seminar: Radicals Faiths (Instructor's approval needed)
412      Honors Research